It’s my birthday

and I can’t stop crying


Oh hey you’re back

I have been having a series of issues of late and much of it is not all that new… do I have kids do I not have kids….Today’s mood is brought to you by another argument at my parents house over the shit-bag we have in the White House…(Listen I have accepted the fact he won through our flawed electoral collage system… but I DO NOT have to respect him sorry… I respect NO ONE who disrespects women period end of story… it is not locker room talk fuck out of here with that). Continue reading

Our family grew by one

this weekend! We welcomed a new kitten into our fold. Her name is Minerva, Minnie for short, and she is a ten week old rescue who is crazy rambunctious and loves to chase her new big brother around the house. Yes, yes I did name her after a Harry Potter character. Continue reading

Big day today

Send positive vibes! I need this break to hopefully cure my funk… details to follow if all goes well 🙂

Daily Prompts?

I came on to look at the daily prompt of the day to gain some inspiration and they stopped doing it! I wonder why 😦


Unhealthy relationship with food

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been really depressed lately about my weight. I was riding that body positive train for the longest time until I realized it wasn’t working. I mean I do love myself; at least I think I do. I have days where I am perfectly fine just being me. Until I am walking and my lower back starts to burn, pinch, and cause my right leg to go numb. Or my knee begins to flare up because I was blessed with moderate arthritis. When these things happen, as has been the case for the past month, I fall into a depressive cycle. This depressive cycle then brings on the emotional eating and poor choices. Continue reading

Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

My mind is unfocused so I am writing this post to zone in one something. At the beginning of 2018 I set my Goodreads reading goal to 75 books.  Thanks to the many hours I spend in the car I am already 48 books in… thanks commute! Since it is June I decided to do the mid-year freak out book tag. Continue reading