More sadness

I hate this emotional rollercoaster I’m on. I find myself having trouble sleeping lately. It has culminated in today having those “what’s the point of life” feelings again. Good news though. These feelings are a direct correlation to my want/don’t want kids debate. I would hate to pass on this to someone else. I had baby fever a couple days ago… funny how fast emotions change. 


Plus size shopping experience: Where is it at?

Reblogging because I loved this experience. I am so happy, and jealous, at how many choices teens have nowadays for clothing!

When I Thought I Was Nothing

For this new found lover of shopping it doesn’t take too much convincing to go out to my favorite stores. Unless it is extremely cold, torrential rains, or snow I’m usually down for a little retail therapy. Even if it is just to window shop and I don’t buy anything.

However this was not always the case. When I was a teenager, I’d go shopping with friends but I was pretty insecure about the whole process. Back when I was in high school stores that carried “regular” sized clothing hardly ever had anything that fit me. I’d have to buy my clothes from Lane Bryant, the Department stores, or online catalogs.

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Monday sadness

A man jumped off a bridge today. While most people were complaining about the traffic; I am sitting here thinking about the mystery man who was in so much pain that continuing life was not worth it anymore. I suppose people are so absorbed in their own frustrations they have no space to consider someone outside of themselves. I can understand the agony of sitting in parking-lot type traffic on a highway. Living where I do it is nearly a daily occurrence, more than nearly actually. I think it is the pain of trying to get to work that has numbed people’s sensibilities. Continue reading

House Cup Reading Challenge Completed!

House Cup Reading Challenge Completed!

After a month of reading I completed the House Cup Reading Challenge. I fell one book shy of my goal of reading it all but I am pleased with the results. Here are the final tallies below. There were so many books that to write reviews on all 19 of them would be more time than I have. However, if there is any book you would like a full review on let me know in the comments and I will be glad to get that out. Continue reading


So November means it is National Novel Writing Month. I signed up for this website maybe two or three years ago but never participated. Like my inner wannabe runner , I also have an inner wannabe writer. Like trying to train to be a runner, writing a book is overwhelming to me but something I really want to accomplish. So this year I finally started!  Continue reading

I voted!

Today is election day in some parts of the states. In the past I was a part of the problem. I only used to vote in presidential elections. Well first thing this morning I fixed that! Crossing my figures my people win 😁

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! Don’t let the bastards grid you down!

I felt like such a badass today 😁

Book Challenge Update #3

My eyes my eyes… this challenge has been so rough on my eyes! I have officially completed the main challenge but my OCD has kicked in and I want to finish all the bonus as well. I have six books left to read by November 12th…. pretty positive that is not going to happen but I be damned if I will not try!

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